Trattoria Il Calcio in Herastrau Park is the worst restaurant in Bucharest, ever. The staff always looks like it’s being disturbed by your presence right from the entrance. Obviously, in such a case, the service is really bad. It takes long to get one’s attention in order to be able to say what you want from the menu (in case you get a menu)… and then it takes even longer to get what you ordered. Please, don’t dare to want something more than you already ordered initially. That can be very upsetting for the waiters. They won’t directly harm you but you never know what they could spill into your food.

Being always full of people (since it has a premium position in the park), they can afford to treat everybody like shit as they wouldn’t need you… unless you are some kind of local starlet or you prove (through your clothes, cars, fancy cell phones or whatever) that CASH is your middle name.

Food is expensive and pretty bad and it doesn’t worth the hassle while the service is just awful. So, donTGo there!

We are always welcoming your say below so, don’t hesitate to let us know what was your experience like at Trattoria Il Calcio Herastrau. We remind you that the most important thing though is to write down to what are the other places where we all should NOT go.

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